First blog post

Welcome! I have moved from my easy, fun world of writing novels into the sinister world of figuring out what to do with them. The self-publishing world is generous in all its help platforms. There are webinars, books, websites, mailing lists, and a whole army of folks that are more than happy to include you in their free, exclusive, one of a kind course that contains all the secrets needed to become a six-figure earning author in just one simple, easy to follow blog post.

Editors, proofreaders, cover designers, and web page masters all clamor on every free publishing site, eager to help for only a few cents per word. There are independent publishing houses, traditional publishers, agents, contracts and legal council ready to help new and experienced authors alike. Publicists and advertising agencies are ready to promote your book into the next great best-seller. Coaches will be sure you’re able to talk in sound bites and have you all prepared for your big promotional interview with Oprah, or whoever the newest all-knowing name dropper is.

Just when I was getting the hang of e-books and figured out how to get a paperback printed, they dropped the new thing on me. Audiobooks. Now I need a microphone, pop filter and an endless array of software to DIY. Of course, if I’d rather hire talent, for fifty percent of my royalties they can take care of all that for me.

Sheesh! So far I’ve learned that I need to stick to writing first drafts. Does it sound like I could be just a little overwhelmed? It’s a good thing it’s cold outside, if the weather was nice I’d be outside digging up my lawn. Already I decided to refinish my hardwood floor to distract myself from the barrage. I nearly asphyxiated myself in the process, but the floor turned out real nice. Now I have a cozy little loft in which to write awesome first drafts. Unless I decide my hideaway needs curtains, I should be typing away on the next novel soon.

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