Time vacuum

I seem to be the only person who can’t manage Facebook and other social media. First I swore I’d never get sucked into that huge time vacuum, but then I was convinced via Karen Dimmick’s webinar that it was essential to ever selling a book.

Okay. The experts have a point. Facebook (I haven’t figured out twitter yet) does have awesome potential. But dang it, I can’t get anything else done. I started to build this web page but then got side-tracked by Facebook and now I’m stalled.

Just like everything else, Facebook started out as a grand solution to things, but it’s popularity has become a lot of noise. Kind of like TV, it can be great entertainment, but soon you’re zoned out on the couch and you can’t even remember what you saw.

I got up at four this morning to do some writing. Now it’s eight and I haven’t even started yet. I retired so I’d have time to write, but it seems like I’ve got a full time job here.

I promise, the next blog won’t be a complaint!

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