More about Book Titles

In my last post, I commented about changing the title of Crossroads to something more appropriate for the book. Something like Lost Cave or Blood River would fit with the genre better. My next book, Bugs on the Windshield, had a unique, catchy title, I thought, although it may not have been too appropriate for the story. I have another story in the works, Stuck on the Merry-Go-Round, (or something similar) that is a young adult book.

Well, scrap all of those titles! I did a little amazon research and found all of those titles have already been used. Every possible title I came up with had already been done. True, more than one book can have the same title, the author name will distinguish them. But I’d like to think my work is unique. I hope my work is unique! Now I’m worried about plagiarism. What if my story is similar?

According to numerous authorities on the subject, a book title has to fit with the genre the reader is searching for. For example, Crossroads is pretty generic. It congers up images of travel, deep thinking, psychological angst, even religion. Well, I stuck it on a murder mystery, with a pretty book cover that shows a picture of Yosemite National Park.

True, the book does take place in the park, and there is a bit of self-struggle with some of the characters. But someone looking for a murder mystery would never pick it up. Some one who does choose it, because it looks like it is about travel, or religion, would be shocked at the content. Bad reviews all around.

Another lesson learned, and back to the drawing board on the titles. I started out calling them book one, book two, and book three, maybe those titles will stick. I’ll just check on amazon to see if it’s been done already…

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