Book Review

Chop Wood Carry Water: How to Fall In Love With the Process of Becoming Great

Joshua Medcalf has written a great book. Chop Wood Carry Water carries centuries of wisdom in a small, easy to read volume.

I found the book enjoyable to read and the lessons within are so simple to understand it makes you wonder why you haven’t been doing that all along.

I think this book would be useful for presenting to a group of employees, for teaching ethics that would improve any business. But it isn’t written specifically for business. It’s more for personal growth. Our Church group read it and it’s great for discussions.

Chop Wood Carry Water isn’t a children’s book either, but I think kids from eight years old and up would enjoy and understand the teaching. It would be a good character builder for all ages.

This one is worth a read. I’d recommend the print version, you will find yourself jotting things in the margins. This is a good one to keep on your desk, to remind you where you are going and how to get there.

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