I just finished Stone of Fire by J.F. Penn. I’ve got to say, Joanna Penn is on fire with her ARKANE series. Stone of Fire is the first in a series that promises to deliver non-stop thriller action.

This book takes the reader on a roller coaster trip to some of the most intriguing religious destinations in the world. Her descriptions are vivid in a way that makes the reader cringe when silence is broken in the sacred sanctuaries. (your mom always told you to be quiet in church–right?)

Imagine the diversion of a man dangling from a rope in the high dome of an ancient cathedral. That’s the kind of action J.F. Penn packs into her novels. Think Indiana Jones meets the Pope.

Clearly, Ms. Penn has first-hand knowledge of the places she romps through with her characters. This wild, action-packed, “novel” vacation is an education as well as a tour.

One drawback to reading Stone of Fire. It’s a series and you’ll be hooked on reading them all.