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Author Bio

Nancy Cupp started writing at the age of sixty. Although she dabbled a tiny bit while taking college courses in her early fifties, she didn’t set out to become a writer.

She was too busy trying to earn a living. She worked a few factory jobs but ended up as an over the road truck driver.

Trucking provided long hours of thinking time and a lot of story material. It gave her a working knowledge of most of the country’s cities and roads. Unfortunately, it didn’t allow her any free time to write. She drove thousands of miles with stories bouncing around in her head but didn’t try write until she took a break from trucking.

A co-worker at a temporary factory job mentioned writing with NaNoWriMo, an organization dedicated to helping people write a novel in one month. Nancy gave it a try. She was successful, finishing her first rough draft in November of 2015. She loved the process so much, she wrote another one in 2016.

Besides writing, Nancy loves the outdoors. Before trucking, she ran eight marathons in five different states, including Hawaii and Alaska. She loves exploring the National parks, backpacking the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. One summer she volunteered, and worked, at Yosemite for a month. It gave her a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the park.

Her first passion, however, was horses. She learned to ride on her family’s cantankerous backyard pony, Sparky. Nancy graduated to trail riding, with the local saddle club, when her family moved to a hobby farm. She studied Dressage for years, enjoying the training process. 

Taking an early retirement, Nancy likes to spend time in her small town, Minnesota home, with her wicked, wicked, cat and neurotic dog. When she isn’t writing, she can be found tending the weed patch, mowing the lawn, or shoveling snow.

Nancy has one son who’s high energy lifestyle is a constant inspiration to keep going.

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