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New Release!

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Arnold and Blaize are free e-books available on Amazon, iBooks, Google, Kobo, B&N.



Hold On

Hold On is the first novel in the Margret Malone series. Formerly published as Crossroads, it is now available on amazon.com.

A park ranger is missing and there’s been a horrible crime in one of America’s most beloved National Parks. Amid the chaos, Margret Malone arrives to take her first wilderness camping vacation.

Bits of evidence find their way into Margret’s possession while she struggles to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Where is the real danger lurking?

Part one, Hold On, is a stand alone mystery-thriller with elements of an adventure novel. Driving in Traffick, part two, is an action-packed novel that stands alone, but you’ll want them both.

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Arnold is a prequel to Driving in Traffick.

Arnold hates trucking. He has the talent to become a pro football player, but his father has other plans for him. His father is gone most of the time, and his mother is sick, so Arnold learns how to get what he wants. When that gets him into trouble, his father forces him to learn trucking.

Arnold wants to figure out how to make money without doing any work. He sees his opportunity at a truck stop and decides he can improve things, but at a horrible cost to unsuspecting women.

Find out what happens when he meets Blaize in the next free novella.

This is a clean read with no explicit sex.


Blaize is a free novella that you can get in e-book format from Amazon, iBooks, Google, Kobo and Barns & Noble.

This is an introduction to the second book in the Margret Malone series, Driving in Traffick.

Blaize, an extraordinary athlete, has a chance to escape the devastation and poverty of her Louisiana bayou home. But first, she must battle the stereotype her family is forcing her to fit into.

Unable to cope with abuse from her own brothers, Blaize runs away. She is desperate and hungry when a friendly man rescues her.

Find out how quickly things change for her. Is it her salvation, or a trap? Can Blaize rise above her impossible situation to use her talent, or will she be lost in the depths of degradation?

Feel the temperature rise with Blaize, then look for Driving in Traffick for the exciting conclusion of this cliff hanger. Blaize will also be featured in the third book of the Margret Malone series. (to be released soon)

Driving in Traffick: the victim’s story

Driving in Traffick is the second book in the Margret Malone series.

She never thought it would be like this…

Margret has a new job and a big problem. She is responsible for a million dollars worth of freight and the truck it’s in, but the truck has gone missing and so has she.

Margret meets Bruce when he is persuaded to help his brother, Arnold, jump start a business. Bruce’s plan goes smoothly, but he gets a bit more than he bargains for when Margret is included.

Arnold’s side business, in trafficking, is big trouble for Margret and a tough challenge for Bruce. Can Margret maintain her own moral integrity while working a plan to free herself and others? What will it take for Margret to break free of this one?

Driving in Traffick and Hold On are stand alone novels. Read part one, Hold On, then be prepared to ramp up the action for part two, Driving in Traffick.

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