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The final book of the Margret Malone Series is out!

Blaize’n Glory

Chick Lit Click here to order

She fled her abusive childhood home, ditched the thug who held her captive, managed to get heScreen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.33.20 AMr GED, and graduated beauty school. Clients are lining up to have their hair done, and she’s raking in the tips. But Blaize is longing for more.

When a college textbook falls into her hands, Blaize imagines what it would be like to be on the professional side of things instead of working for gratuities. Her exceptional athletic ability draws the attention of a sought-after coach, bringing her closer to college life. But who is stalking her? Will she trade her safe-haven for Olympic Gold?

Blaize’n Glory, the final book of the Margret Malone series, brings Blaize into the spotlight. This talented woman must decide between staying in a comfortable life and having an exceptional one.

Blaize wants to change things for women in economically depressed Louisiana. A college education paid for with an athletic scholarship could be the catalyst to launch a career in public service. Will fame drag her back into the mire she worked so hard to escape? Despite the publicity that could expose her to all of the danger she managed to break free of; Blaize powers through to seek a way to make a difference for those she had to leave behind.

Blaize is so much more than pretty. She’s gonna change her world, and yours.


The New Merry Go Round Series

Middle grade

Stuck on a Merry-Go-Round: a book about Horses, High School, and Heartache

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.32.14 AMI am excited to announce a new series for teens. The Merry-Go-Round series features Anna, a New York City teen, who is transplanted by her mother to a small town in Minnesota. The e-book is on pre-order now.  Get it on Amazon/ click here

For my webpage dedicated to horse fans 

This new Horse Story for Teens looks at how Family Issues affect lives.

When she finds a dying mustang colt at an auction, Anna must try to save him. As she learns to care for the sickly colt, she discovers her mother once enjoyed horses too. Family secrets are uncovered and the key to her mom’s sketchy past is revealed.

A street-savvy teen from New York City, Anna is exiled to live in a nowhere town with her uncle. Feeling alone and rejected, she struggles to fit in despite bullying from a classmate. A new friend knows how to get things done, and together they tackle high-school head on.

Her mom’s overdose crisis rips Anna away from her new friends and sets her spinning on the merry-go-round of life again. With a reject mustang and an old mare, Anna must try to guide her addicted mom back to where they really belong in Stuck on a Merry-Go-Round.   


This book is full of information about horses and their care.

Learn to identify colors, hoof care, and what makes them tick as well as tips on riding.

 Explore the effect that drug addiction has on family members.

Anna struggles to make a life for herself despite her mother’s drug abuse. Is there anything a teen can do to save her mom from self-destruction?


More realistic than National Velvet, as touching as Black Beauty, and as hopeful as Misty of Chincoteague.

It’s about today’s teens in today’s world that have real problems with imperfect parents.


Hold On

Murder Mystery

Hold On is the first novel in the Margret Malone series. Formerly published as Crossroads, it is now available on Click here to order Hold on

A park ranger is missing and there’s been a horrible crime in one of America’s most beloved National Parks. Amid the chaos, Margret Malone arrives to take her first wilderness camping vacation.

Bits of evidence find their way into Margret’s possession while she struggles to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Where is the real danger lurking?

Part one, Hold On, is a stand-alone mystery-thriller with elements of an adventure novel. Driving in Traffick, part two, is an action-packed novel that stands alone, but you’ll want them both.


Arnold and Blaize

(the prequels to Driving in Traffick)


Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 7.59.41 AM.png

Arnold and Blaize are free e-books available on

Click here to get Arnold free

Click here to get Blaize free



Arnold hates trucking. He has the talent to become a pro football player, but his father coverhas other plans for him. His father is gone most of the time, and his mother is sick, so Arnold learns how to get what he wants. When that gets him into trouble, his father forces him to learn trucking.

Arnold wants to figure out how to make money without doing any work. He sees his opportunity at a truck stop and decides he can improve things, but at a horrible cost to unsuspecting women.

Find out what happens when he meets Blaize in the next free novella.

This is a clean read with no explicit sex.


Blaize Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 7.59.41 AM

Blaize, an extraordinary athlete, has a chance to escape the devastation and poverty of her Louisiana bayou home. But first, she must battle the stereotype her family is forcing her to fit into.

Unable to cope with abuse from her own brothers, Blaize runs away. She is desperate and hungry when a friendly man rescues her.

Find out how quickly things change for her. Is it her salvation, or a trap? Can Blaize rise above her impossible situation to use her talent, or will she be lost in the depths of degradation?

Feel the temperature rise with Blaize, then look for Driving in Traffick for the exciting conclusion of this cliffhanger. Blaize will also be featured in the third book of the Margret Malone series. (to be released soon)


Driving in Traffick: the victim’s story

Chic lit

Driving in Traffick is the second book in the Margret Malone series. Click here to order Driving in Traffick

She never thought it would be like this…

Margret has a new job and a big problem. She is responsible for a million dollars worth of freight and the truck it’s in, but the truck has gone missing and so has she.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.29.10 AMMargret meets Bruce when he is persuaded to help his brother, Arnold, to jump-start a business. Bruce’s plan goes smoothly, but he gets a bit more than he bargains for when Margret is included.

Arnold’s side business, in trafficking, is big trouble for Margret and a tough challenge for Bruce. Can Margret maintain her own moral integrity while working a plan to free herself and others? What will it take for Margret to break free of this one?

Driving in Traffick and Hold On are stand-alone novels. Read part one, Hold On, then be prepared to ramp up the action for part two, Driving in Traffick.

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