A Tangled Mercy

This book caught my attention and held it to the end. It takes a hard look at the atrocities of slavery and brings the parallels right into the present day. It brought the horror of the Charleston murders to me in a way that makes it much more than just a segment on the news.
Some parts may be idealistic but the book is educational, relevant and entertaining.


This turned out to be a good book, although it took me a while to get into it. It moves along quickly, but I found myself getting a bit lost at times. It is part Starwars, part romance, and part sci-fi.
I assume it is part of a series because the author set up a lot of areas where the plot could go further.
The one thing I didn’t like was the abrupt ending. It seemed like the author just decided to quit writing when there was more story to tell. I usually like cliffhangers, but they have to end in a way that is drawing you into the next book. This one kind of just stops.

The Scarlet Thread

D. S. Murphy flawlessly blends Mythology and Contemporary Fantasy into a “cant’ put it down” book. Start reading here and you’ll be hooked for the rest of the series and become a D.S. Murphy fan as I have become. Not a bad thing… Mr. Murphy has tons of free giveaways to keep you reading for a long, long time.

Next in the series is The Golden Shears. It promises to be as good as this one. Some reviews state that they don’t like the ‘cliffhanger’ approach to writing books. Personally, I love cliffhangers. It allows the book to continue long after I’ve finished reading…

This book is Quality writing and a great value.

Running in Heels: a Memoir of Grit and Grace

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Running in Heels: a Memoir of Grit and Grace by Mary A. Pérez.
Gut wrenching! Mary Pérez has written a book that I found difficult to put down. Each page is filled with yet another thing that would be the end of most of us, but she continues to persevere. This memoir shows what many children of alcoholic parents must endure while they figure out what is normal for most children.

The book is written in a style that just tells the story like it happened. There is no fluff or attempt to make it more interesting, just raw, painful, events, one after another, like they happened in life. perhaps the book could have been made more “novel like” for our reading pleasure, but I don’t think there is any way to sugar coat a life like Mary endured.

This is a great book for book clubs to discuss, much could be learned about how children are affected by their parent’s behavior. Perhaps it would be a good read for AA members, it is a sobering reminder!

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan is a world war II story. I usually don’t get drawn into war stories, but this one is well written and compelling.

It is the true story of a young man’s journey through the war. He goes from innocent bystander to underground savior of the Jews to a soldier in the Nazi army. Pino Lella becomes a spy when his parents force him to join the German army in order to try to keep him safe.

As a driver to one of the top Generals in the German Army, Pino gets first-hand information that helps the Allied forces. His experiences are gut-wrenching, to say the least. As a spy, he is alienated from his family and friends and must face his war alone.

This book is easy to read, and a real page turner. It really makes you think about the effect of war on individual lives. This is history, but still relevant to current events. I learned more from this book than I ever did in history class.

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In her memoir, Rise: How a House Built a Family, Cara Brookins will make you wonder why you ever thought that little home improvement project you had seemed so hard.

Cara Brookins and her four kids set out to build an entire house in nine months. Yes, with their own hands. This was no little shack mind you, it’s a big beautiful home made of brick.

This is the story of a woman, who under incredible duress, from not one, but two mentally deranged husbands managed to rise above all odds. She weaves her story by alternating stories of her abusive marriages and her adventures in building a house.

This is an inspirational read if nothing else, but I think you will be entertained with Cara’s well-written book, Rise.