For the Love of Horses *****

Another great read from Diana Vincent. The story continues with many unseen twists and turns. This book will have you on the edge of your seat while Sierra and River plot to Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 5.36.05 AMrescue a horse from certain disaster. Ms. Vincent has done an excellent job of bringing the reader emotionally into the story while keeping descriptions of training and barn life accurate. Read the whole series.

Amazon’s Kindle in Motion

Oh my gosh! The technology just keeps on getting bigger and better.

The Write Nook

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If you haven’t heard of Kindle in Motion (KiM) yet, it’s the newest bit of technology introduced by Amazon. KiM includes art, animation, and/or video to assist in the storytelling of a book. In the select novels that have been incorporated into KiM, the art and animation have been used for the fairy tale and classical retellings while video (using actors) are used more for the contemporary books. KiM is compatible with most devices (phones, tablets, and eReaders) and there is an option to turn off the “motion.”

To grasp an idea of what Amazon has invested in, I chose to read one of the titles- The Protectors by Alison Stine. This book, based on magic realism, includes all forms of interaction incorporated with Kindle in Motion (art, animation and video). I purchased the book for my iPhone but downloaded the book onto an iPad to compare the two reading…

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New Release

Stuck on a Merry-Go-Round:  a book about Horses, High School, and Heartache

I am excited to announce a new series for teens. The Merry-Go-Round series features Anna, a New York City teen, who is transplanted by her mother to a small town in Minnesota. The e-book is on pre-order now. ASIN: B078PLDVYC Get it on Amazon/ click here

Anna’s mom would rather party than parent.

A street-savvy teen from New York City, Anna is exiled to live in a nowhere town with her uncle.

Feeling alone and rejected, Anna struggles to fit in with small-town kids. A new friend knows how to get things done, and together they tackle high-school head on.

Learning how to ride her neighbor’s horse changes everything for Anna, as she discovers a lifestyle that her mother once enjoyed. It also reveals the key to her mom’s sketchy past.

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Part of the book is a stroll down memory lane for me. I was lucky enough to grow up in a small town in Minnesota where my family was able to have a few horses.

The inspiration for the book came from watching my father shoe horses. The book is really a tribute to him—his saddle is on the back cover. When I was in the seventh grade we moved from big-city, Minneapolis, to small-town Faribault. It was finally a move I could live with.

We had moved several times before and it was always traumatic for me. I wasn’t very good at making friends. But this time we would move to a hobby farm (my father was a farm boy) where we could have horses. I remember being filled with hope that this time I would be one of the cool kids.

I’m pretty sure I still wasn’t one of the cool kids—but it didn’t matter. I had a whole barnful of horses. (We boarded some for other people.) Dad, being frugal and used to doing things himself, paid for horseshoeing a few times, then he learned how to do it himself. The money-saving trick turned into a pretty steady business and he probably shoed most of the horses in Rice County and beyond for a while. He is definitely one of the cool dads.

Trail rides, veterinarians, even the old feed mill all are bits and pieces of my growing up years. Some of the characters in the book are real, and some are made up. Some of them are a blend of several different people (or horses), maybe even a bit of my self is blended in there.

Anna’s story isn’t mine. My mom is more like Isabella, staying home and baking cookies. The idea of a kid struggling with a parent’s addiction struggles comes from watching how kids are affected by this epidemic in our society. Not all of them react the way Anna did, but a friend of mine certainly shares many of her attributes. Sometimes I see this friend in Anna and sometimes I see her in CeCe.

If you see yourself in this book, maybe we met on a trail ride somewhere. I hope it brings back some of those pleasant memories for you as well.

The second book in this series is written but needs much editing. It should be out soon in early 2018. If you would like notification of its release please sign up on my webpage  or just drop me a note at .

Thanks for Reading,

Nancy Cupp


The recent shooting in Las Vegas has got me, like everyone else, thinking. Of course the events there are horrendous. I don’t think for a moment that anybody thinks it was exciting or cool. Why then, do sales of thriller type novels outpace all others?

We all seem to crave the action based books and movies. When is the last time you read a book that didn’t have a gunfight or murder of some kind in it? I have to admit, my first novel is a  murder mystery. I didn’t even set out to make it about murder. I just started writing, without much of a plan. When I ran out of plot, I had to make something happen. So I killed off one of the characters.

I didn’t try to make it about the murder as much as about the main character’s adventure. But then I got started describing things, one thing leads to another, and there it was. I had written about something awful. I don’t even like that kind of book, but I went ahead and used sensationalism to make my novel work.

A friend of mine told me about a great vacation where they had an authentic Wild West adventure. They went on a chuck wagon ride but were ambushed by “bad guys” with guns. There was a shootout and lots of guys “died”. Really? That’s what you want your kids to experience?

So is it bad to write about such stuff? Probably not. When we read or watch movies it makes us think. We work out what we think about certain issues. We take sides on legislation. We get insight into what the other side’s point of view is. Hopefully, we make decisions about ways to prevent bad things from happening.

What my point is here, I think, is pay attention to what you are consuming. If you have to have a steady diet of violence, you may want to think about what you read and watch. does it make you numb to things like gunfire? Do violent games make kids more prone to violence?

I think it does. There have been studies done on that sort of thing. While no, it can’t be proven, I think it has an effect. Do I condone censorship? No. But I think we all have to think about what we use to entertain ourselves. Explore other genres.

I’m going to try to make it a point not to write any more murders. Frankly, it creeped me out to know I had the capability to write about it. Especially when I had to get into the mind of the criminal. I kept trying to make him an okay sort of guy. I think we have to be careful when we try to make the criminal a misunderstood victim. Some thrillers have the “good guys” shooting people who needed to be dealt with because they were in the way. Sheesh.

Read tons of new books–cheap

Did you know that you can get thousands of books to read for free? No, I’m not talking about the library. I’m talking about the Kindle. Okay, this isn’t quite free–wait–don’t go away! With Kindle unlimited, you can choose from thousands of titles for $9.99 a month. That’s less than one print book, and it’s portable and convenient.

With Kindle unlimited, you can choose from thousands of titles for $9.99 a month. And you can try it for free for 30 days.  That’s less than one print book, and it’s portable and convenient. No more lugging heavy books around.

You can either get a Kindle e-reader   starting at $59.99 for the plain version (that I’ve been using for years) or you can get a much fancier model. (click the kindle above to go there) But if you don’t want to invest in a kindle, did you know you can get a free app for your phone or computer? With the phone app, you always have a good book to read in your pocket. Remember the last time you had to wait at the DMV to renew your driver’s license? Boring!

Even if you decide not to get Kindle unlimited, the Kindle or the app on your phone will save you a lot of money over print books. The typical print book selling for $12.95 (plus extra for shipping) will only cost you around $2.99, or often times it will be $.99. Really, can you afford to not have a Kindle?

What I really love about Kindle unlimited is that I have a set budget for my book habit. No more wanting to read that new book that’s out, but having to say no because I’ve already spent too much on books. As long as the book is enrolled in KDP select, it will be available for free on Kindle unlimited. (you have probably seen the $0.00 price for kindle unlimited users.)

The library is great, but you have to wait for new titles to show up if they show up at all. With Kindle unlimited, you get to be one of the first to read the new books when they come out.

Here is the link to check out the program.

Why limit yourself when there is a huge library of new titles to choose from?

Book Review

Chop Wood Carry Water: How to Fall In Love With the Process of Becoming Great

Joshua Medcalf has written a great book. Chop Wood Carry Water carries centuries of wisdom in a small, easy to read volume.

I found the book enjoyable to read and the lessons within are so simple to understand it makes you wonder why you haven’t been doing that all along.

I think this book would be useful for presenting to a group of employees, for teaching ethics that would improve any business. But it isn’t written specifically for business. It’s more for personal growth. Our Church group read it and it’s great for discussions.

Chop Wood Carry Water isn’t a children’s book either, but I think kids from eight years old and up would enjoy and understand the teaching. It would be a good character builder for all ages.

This one is worth a read. I’d recommend the print version, you will find yourself jotting things in the margins. This is a good one to keep on your desk, to remind you where you are going and how to get there.